Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Nadal is a tennis professional, he is famous and earn much money, lives in Spain and Mallorca he enjoys playing soccer and golf, likes to have fun and be with your family and friends when you have time, and the girlfriend who has called Xisco

Monday, 30 March 2009

The Butarque News 10

Welcome to the teth number of The Butarque News. Today we're going to speak about the Mathematical Photography Contest, the summary of our trip to the mountain and the Easter Holidays. But first,


The students of our secondary school and others from all Madrid are going to the ZOO the sixteenth of April to take part in a mathematical photography contest. Two girls and a boy from our class has been chosen from another internal contest. They are Héctor, Mónica and Silvia S. Fortunately the school pays for the bus and the ticket so the students don't have to pay money. We don't know for sure the prize that they could receive but we hope that they win something.(By: Aitana González Jiménez E3B)


The last Thursday 26th, we went to La Morcuera to spend a day in the mountain. In general, I think we had a good time, but when the walk finished we were very tired.
We left the school at 8:30 am, so we were there at 10:30 aproximately. The time in the bus passed very quickly because we were singing songs of our childhood all the time. It was funny, but some people started to have headache. When we arrived there, we started to walk and as Ángel said, we had to walk for fifteen kilometres; but in the middle of the way, we had a rest. Then, Aitana, Silvia S, and me lost the way. We were climbing and throwing our bags for being able to find the other people, and finally, with the help of our P.E. teacher, Quique, we could.
After a long time walk we arrived to Rascafría and we had lunch. Moreover, some people of this class had to walk into a river to catch a tennis ball, which Héctor had thrown, and that is now lost forever. When we finished lunch the teachers took us a photograph which will be in the secondary school for all the time, as Isabel said.
We were back at four o'clock because some people had to play a basketball match and besides, in Chopera's Park, Quique did some excellents Magic's treats with cards. (By: Silvia García Gozalo E3B)


'm very sad because we have to say "good bye" to The Butarque News for a short time, but we can say "hello" to the Easter holidays!
In this period of the year it is common to see processions where people walk for kilometres showing their faith in God. We eat Easter Eggs and "torrijas". The "torrijas" are very common in Spain and they taste really good!
But the most important thing: it's a period to have fun and to do nothing.
We wish you a good Easter holidays. (By: Alicia Cordero Hoyo 3ºB)

Matt Groening's lifestyle

He was born On 15, February of 1954. He is a drawer, producer of TV and writer. He is very famous for his two creactions more important:The Simpson and Futurama. He was nominated to 25 prizes Emmy, and he won 10 of them, 9 for The Simpson and 1 for Futurama. In 1986 He married with Deborah Caplan. After, in 1999 they separated. He has two children: Homer and Abe.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

My idol: Jude Law

Jude Law is an actor. He was born in London, the 29th of December, 1972. He's quite succesful, and he's very famous. He has been the star of more than 20 films, and maybe his most known film is Cold Mountain. He got married with Sadie Frost, but at the moment he's going out with Kim Hersov, after a great range of girls. He has never got an Oscar, but he got a BAFTA. He has three children and a step-son. He's preparing a pair of films, and nowdays we can see him as the image of Dior.

Iker casillas

Iker Casillas is a very famous goalkeeper in Real Madrid footbal team, so he earn a lot of money. He has become famous with Real Madrid football team. He lives in a enormous house because he has a lot of money. He isn´t married and he hasn´t girlfriend because he has just broken with his ancient girlfriend Eva González

Soraya Arnelas´s lifestyle

Soraya Arnelas is a singer, so she earns a lot of money. She has become famous with her album Corazón de Fuego. She has recorder 4 albums called Corazón de Fuego, Ochenta´s, Dolce Vita and Sin Miedo.She plays pop, dance and disco. She is not maried, but she has got a boyfriend. She is going to participate in Eurovision 2009 with the new song called La Noche es para mi. I think is a wonderful singer.
By: Ana Escribano López 3ºB

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen is a professional rock singer. He was born in 1949 in New Jersey, where appear in many songs. He became famous in the 70's with his record Born to run. Currently, in his aproximate sixty years old, he's travelling around the worl to play his music with the E Street Band (a group of friends of his childhood) and in this summer they are going to come to Spain. He has done many records, but they aren't only of rock, some of the latest records are folk music and he had played them with an other band called The Seeger Sessions Band. He has won some Grammy's and an Oscar's award, he also has just nominated this year to an Oscar for the best song.
Nowadays, he's married with a member of the E Street Band, Patti Scialfa, and they have three children.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Avril Lavigne is a famous singer, so she earns a lot of money. She has become famous with hers album Let Go. She has recorded 3 albums called Let Go, Under My Skin and The Best Damn Thing. She plays pop punk, alternative rock and pop rock. She's married to Deryck Whibley. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband. She has just been nominated to the Grammy's awards. She likes designing clothes and working also as an actress. I think she's a fantastic singer.


Alicia Keys is a R&B singer, a composer and a piano player. She was born in 1981, in New York and since 2001, she´s quite famous. Nowadays, she lives in USA with her boyfriend, but she has to move all over the world to do her concerts. She has done some CDs, such as Songs in A minor, or, The diary of Alicia Keys, but she besides she has composed some duets with other artists. This last year, she has published her third album called As I am, and its single, No one, is listened as a hit on the radio. I really like her, and in 2008 she came to Madrid to show us her last work.

Hector Egido Jiménez 3ºB

Lily Allen's lifestyle

Lily Allen is a twenty-three-year-old famous British singer. Her first single Smile (2006) was a super hit. She actually lives in the south of London, in UK. She has just published her second album, It's not me, it's you and her new single The Fear is number one. She's not married but she has got a boyfriend called Robertson Furze. In 2007 she got pregnant but in January 2008 she lost the baby.

Silvia San Segundo, 3ºEB

Monday, 23 March 2009

The Butarque News 9

Welcome to the ninth issue of our weekly program. Today we will talk about a lecture we have received at Butarque about safety on the Internet; then, we will hear about the Easter marks; and finally, the literary contest that has been celebrated in our school. But first,
Last Tuesday, the 17th of March, students of 3ºB ESO received some lessons about the Internet. This was a lecture in which two police officers told us what we have to do if we have any problem in the computer while we are chatting, for instance, or they gave us some pieces of advice and recommendations. At the beggining, we saw a short film, which showed some cases of problems with the Internet, and, after that, the officers explained us a Power Point presentation with all the steps we must follow when we are surfing the Internet and also to take care of strange things, such as unknown people.
To sum up, this Internet speech was focused on lies that some people say to meet children or teenagers, who don't know who the other person is and what he or she wants. Finally, they said that the police know everything we do on the Internet and if someone commits an illegal action, they know who has done it. (By Héctor Egido Jiménez, 3ºB)
This term is finished. We are excited by the end of March, because this part of the course is longer than the others. The second or the third of April (because we don´t know very well) we will come to receive our marks bulletin. I hope the teachers will give us higher marks than in the previous term and that they won't give us homework too. A lot of students at Butarque Secondary School have studied like bookworms and the other students who haven't studied enough can recover the subjets failed in April. The only thing we have to do is push for finishing the term. And, in the end, the well deserved holidays. (By Ana Escribano López, 3ºB)

As you probably know, a literary contest has been celebrated in our secondary school. There are two parts: poetry and prose, and into each one, there are two prizes: first and second. The point is that we already have the winners. As the winner of the first prize of poetry, we have David Martínez, with a work called Poema Protesta, and the winner of the second one is Silvia San Segundo, with Vuelve. On the other hand, as the winner of the first prize of prose, we have Lourdes Fuentes, with a story called Mentiras Mortales, and the second prize goes to Daniel Gallego, with his work El callejón. And if you want to be the next winner, you just have to give your work to your Spanish teacher, and have good luck! (By Lourdes Fuentes Domínguez, 3ºB)

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Butarque News 8

Welcome to the eighth issue of our weekly program. Today we will talk about Father's Day Bank Holiday, a trip to the mountain and Measure by Measure. But first,

Father's Day's Bank Holiday.

The Bank Holiday starts on 19 of March, Father's Day, and it lasts four days: Thursday 19, Friday 20, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22. All students of the IES Butarque are waiting impatiently for Wednesday to arrive because it is the last day of class this week. After this bank holiday there will be less time to reach the Easter vacation and end final tests. Now, the weather is good and that will help us to enjoy the best possible this holiday. Hardly anyone knows what to give as a present to their father, because it must be something wonderful and beautiful to look at when parents remember their children. We should always show the love we feel for them because any day could be the last of our lives. Happy Father's Day, Dad! Because Life can be wonderful, said the man of "Tikitaka". (Beatriz Jiménez García, 3ºB)

Trip to the mountain.

The trip so long expected. The next 26 of March the 3º ESO groups will go to the mountain. They will leave the school and take the bus at about half past eight and return about five p.m. with teachers of Biology and Physical Education, Isabel and Quique. When they reach about half the route, they will stop to eat (depending on schedule).
They shouldn't lose hope nor fall into the river as in previous years. Cross your fingers so they do not undergo any misfortune and that all is well. Let's hope they arrive safely to their homes. We hope that the trip is short and that everyone will go well and take advantage of one of the few trips available. (Cristina González Calvo, 3ºB)

To the theatre.

Next Wednesday 1st of April, the courses 1st Bachillerato and 3rd ESO will go to see a literary work of Shakespeare. Measure by Measure is the name of the play. The theatre is in 42 Fernández de los Ríos Street, and the price of the ticket is thirteen euros. Students will go by train (Zarzaquemada). The Literature teacher, Irene, will accompany them on their journey at seven o'clock p.m. (María Alcaraz Mascareñas, 3ºB)

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Carlos vs Mónica.

M: Hello, Carlos.
C: Hello, Mónica.
M: My mother has just made friends with Obama.
C: So what? I've just met David Beckam.
M: My dad has just bought a ferrari.
C: So what? My dad has just bought 3 ferraris.
C: I've just won a prize.
M: So what ? I've just won 3 oscars.
C: I've just appeared on TV.
M: So what ? I've just appeared in a film.
M: I've just flown to L. A.
C: So what? I've just flown everywhere.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Is sex important ??

People think sex is isn´t very important in a live , but in my opinion it is.
Firstly : sex is important because can´t make human race exting.
Secondly : because is a form , sometimes , to express love to the person you loves . It´s a pleasure to make always with protection.
In conclusion : I think we have a diferent´s ideas.

By : Beiitaaa!!!
Cris : Hi Bea!!
Bea : Hello Cristi!!
C : What´s up?
B : Nothing , and you?
C : I´ve just met David Villa this weekend...
B : Whoa! I´ve just met Zac Efron yesterday.
C : So what? I´ve just appeared in a film... "Pirates of the Caribbean" with Orlando Bloom...
B : But I´ve just appeared in "Lunnis"...
C : Congratulations!! Whould you like a pin??
B : Are you did swim every Atlantic´s Ocean? No, really??
C : No , but I´ve just done snow in "Everest" and I´ve just won an Oscar.
B : So what?? I´ve just been "Miss Universe".
C : What?I´ve just bought an island.
B : Yes...yes...I´ve just married with David Henrie...
C : What? I´ve just married with him!!!
B : Oh , oh! I must speak with him for that...
C : Whould you like kill him with me??
B : Of course!!
C : All right!
B : Come on!!!

By : Cristina González and Beatriz Jiménez 3ºB

Thursday, 12 March 2009


A:What´s up?
B:I´m fantastic because I´ve just met Cristiano Ronald and yesterday I met Zac Efron. They are fantastic.
A:So what? I met Fernando Torres.
B:Well, I don´t mind because I don´t like him.
A:Ok. Well,My parents have just bought a new car and it´s perfect
B:Well, my parents have just bought a new house and it has got ten bedrooms and I love living in the house.
A:I am going to London in this summer because my brother has just bought a new enormous house.
B:So what? I,ve just won a very important prize and I´ve just won a lot of money.
A:Well, bye. I am going to appear on TV.
B:Bye. I have just appeared on a movie with Penélope Cruz.

An interesting discussion

Iria: Hello Alicia!
Ali: Hello Iria! What have you been doing these weekend?
Iria: I've been having lunch with Max Iglesias!
Ali: So what? I've flown to New York with my boyfriend.
Iria: That's nothing. I've won a prize of €1.000.000.
Ali: I have just spent one million euros on clothes.
Iria: I have just appeared on TV with the Real Madrid.
Ali: I'm not going to discuss with you.
Iria: Bye.
Ali: Bye.

David and Raúl's dialogue

Raúl: Hi David! My parents have just bought a new house with ten bedrooms.
Davíd: So what? My parents have just bought a houseboat whit eleven bedrooms.
Raúl: So what? My parents have just bought anes limousine.
David: So what? I have just lunch in the Palace Hotel with Penélope Cruz.
Raúl: So what? I have just been in jacuzzi with Madonna.
David: So what? I have just bought a new plane and in summer I'm going to Africa.

A hilarious dialogue

Alejandra: Hi Silvia, what's up?
Silvia: Hello, Alejandra!
Alejandra: You know, I've just been to China.
Silvia: Really? I've just been to Australia and I saw some kangaroos.
Alejandra: Oh, that's amazing! But I've been to Kenya and I saw many lions.
Silvia: So what? My father is a pilot and I can travel where I want.
Alejandra: It's good, but, my father is an astronaut and he's been to the Moon.
Silvia: And my mother is a scientist and she's planning to travel to the centre of the Earth.
Alejandra: And my mother is Bruce Springsteen's mannager.
Silvia: What? And have you ever met him?
Alejandra: Yes, of course.

By: Alejandra Girón and Silvia García

What have just done? Dialogue.

María: Hello Silvia.
Silvia: What’s up?
María: I’ve just won a motorbike in a TV contest!
Silvia: So what? I’ve just won a car, and I’ve just bought a new iPod touch.
María: So what? I’ve just bought a new iPhone! In Egypt – I’ve just been in Egypt.
Silvia. Oh, I’ve just been in Los Angeles! Could you believe it? I’ve just met Zac Efron!
María: So what? I’ve just met Cristiano Ronaldo! And, that’s more… I’ve just been in his home!
Silvia: Oh! Cristiano! He's just invited me to go to his home in holiday!
María: Oh lucky girl!
Silvia: Goodbye!
María: See you.

María Alcaraz and Silvia San Segundo - 3ºESOB

Let's show off!

Lourdes: Hello Ana!
Ana: What's up?
Lourdes: Well, I've just bought a quite expensive car.
Ana: So what? I've just bought a boat!
Lourdes: I don't mind. I have just visited Chicago.
Ana: So what? I've just visited the Maldivas. Believe it or not, I've just seen Orlando Blooom.
Lourdes: Do you think you're cool? I've just been having dinner with Brad Pitt.
Ana: So what? I've just won the lottery!
Lourdes: Me too! And moreover, I've won a prize.
Ana: But I've just bought a piece of the Moon with the money!
Lourdes: OK! But all my familiy have just visited Mars!
Ana: So what? Mars is mine!
Lourdes: I don't mind. I'm not a lier like you.
Ana: So goodbye! I don't wanna see you again!

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Butarque News 7

Welcome to the seventh program of our weekly series. Today we are going to hear of an end-of-year school trip and about a photography contest. But first,

Fourth of ESO end-of-year trip.
Next 27 March the students of 4 ESO will go on their school trip to Barcelona. Their first visit will be going around the city. The following day they are going to visit El Modernismo, la Sagrada Familia, el Parque Güell and other things. The day 29 they will go to las Ramblas and el barrio Gótico, la Plaza de Cataluña, la Catedral, etc and the third day, wich is the most exciting day, they will all go to Port Aventura. To end up, the 31st they are going to visit the Nacional Museums of Cataluña. The first of April they will come back to Madrid at about midday. It will be an exhausting trip, but we hope they enjoy it a lot (by Andrea Zarza).

Photography Contest.
The objective of this contest is the presence of mathematics in the pictures wich are around as. All secondary students will be able to participate. The topic will be free but related to mathematics: geometry, stadistics, etc. It will be showed series and different photographs about the same contents. Other year this course was taken in Faunia and Aranjuez but this year the photos will be taken in the zoo. The prize will be for the first photograps with its title, for the best digital or analogical photos and for the group of 6 or 8 of the same series (by Iria Calvo).

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Butarque News 6

Welcome to The Butarque News. In our program today, the rugby match; the photo; and the fire drill. But first,

The Rugby Match.

The last Friday was celebrated a rugby match. The teams are Spain vs Georgia. Somebody could go to the match because the gym teacher gave them some free tickets to see the match (by Óscar).

The Photo.
Last Thursday the technology teacher proposed us to do a photography with an aerogenerator that we did in the last term. We said yes to him, so he did us the photo with a camera, but the teacher hasn't given us the photo yet. My classmates made an aerogenerator very well, but someone made it better than others (by Raúl).

The fire drill.

The 27th of February at second hour of class, there was a fire drill. Luckily, at that time, our class was in the playground so we only had to wait to complete it (by Carlos).