Monday, 30 March 2009

The Butarque News 10

Welcome to the teth number of The Butarque News. Today we're going to speak about the Mathematical Photography Contest, the summary of our trip to the mountain and the Easter Holidays. But first,


The students of our secondary school and others from all Madrid are going to the ZOO the sixteenth of April to take part in a mathematical photography contest. Two girls and a boy from our class has been chosen from another internal contest. They are Héctor, Mónica and Silvia S. Fortunately the school pays for the bus and the ticket so the students don't have to pay money. We don't know for sure the prize that they could receive but we hope that they win something.(By: Aitana González Jiménez E3B)


The last Thursday 26th, we went to La Morcuera to spend a day in the mountain. In general, I think we had a good time, but when the walk finished we were very tired.
We left the school at 8:30 am, so we were there at 10:30 aproximately. The time in the bus passed very quickly because we were singing songs of our childhood all the time. It was funny, but some people started to have headache. When we arrived there, we started to walk and as Ángel said, we had to walk for fifteen kilometres; but in the middle of the way, we had a rest. Then, Aitana, Silvia S, and me lost the way. We were climbing and throwing our bags for being able to find the other people, and finally, with the help of our P.E. teacher, Quique, we could.
After a long time walk we arrived to Rascafría and we had lunch. Moreover, some people of this class had to walk into a river to catch a tennis ball, which Héctor had thrown, and that is now lost forever. When we finished lunch the teachers took us a photograph which will be in the secondary school for all the time, as Isabel said.
We were back at four o'clock because some people had to play a basketball match and besides, in Chopera's Park, Quique did some excellents Magic's treats with cards. (By: Silvia García Gozalo E3B)


'm very sad because we have to say "good bye" to The Butarque News for a short time, but we can say "hello" to the Easter holidays!
In this period of the year it is common to see processions where people walk for kilometres showing their faith in God. We eat Easter Eggs and "torrijas". The "torrijas" are very common in Spain and they taste really good!
But the most important thing: it's a period to have fun and to do nothing.
We wish you a good Easter holidays. (By: Alicia Cordero Hoyo 3ºB)


Silvia ~ Hali said...

Happy Easter everyone!

Well, I've just loved Gar's article. Our (Aitana, Gar and me's) odyssey through the wood was an incredible adventure to tell to our grandsons and granddaughters x)

Andd.... I promise a lot of pics of Photography's contest ^^

_Aitana_ said...

well jaja Silvia has reason our odyssey the best I will tell my grandsons and granddaughters x)

_Aitana_ said...
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