Monday, 23 March 2009

The Butarque News 9

Welcome to the ninth issue of our weekly program. Today we will talk about a lecture we have received at Butarque about safety on the Internet; then, we will hear about the Easter marks; and finally, the literary contest that has been celebrated in our school. But first,
Last Tuesday, the 17th of March, students of 3ºB ESO received some lessons about the Internet. This was a lecture in which two police officers told us what we have to do if we have any problem in the computer while we are chatting, for instance, or they gave us some pieces of advice and recommendations. At the beggining, we saw a short film, which showed some cases of problems with the Internet, and, after that, the officers explained us a Power Point presentation with all the steps we must follow when we are surfing the Internet and also to take care of strange things, such as unknown people.
To sum up, this Internet speech was focused on lies that some people say to meet children or teenagers, who don't know who the other person is and what he or she wants. Finally, they said that the police know everything we do on the Internet and if someone commits an illegal action, they know who has done it. (By Héctor Egido Jiménez, 3ºB)
This term is finished. We are excited by the end of March, because this part of the course is longer than the others. The second or the third of April (because we don´t know very well) we will come to receive our marks bulletin. I hope the teachers will give us higher marks than in the previous term and that they won't give us homework too. A lot of students at Butarque Secondary School have studied like bookworms and the other students who haven't studied enough can recover the subjets failed in April. The only thing we have to do is push for finishing the term. And, in the end, the well deserved holidays. (By Ana Escribano López, 3ºB)

As you probably know, a literary contest has been celebrated in our secondary school. There are two parts: poetry and prose, and into each one, there are two prizes: first and second. The point is that we already have the winners. As the winner of the first prize of poetry, we have David Martínez, with a work called Poema Protesta, and the winner of the second one is Silvia San Segundo, with Vuelve. On the other hand, as the winner of the first prize of prose, we have Lourdes Fuentes, with a story called Mentiras Mortales, and the second prize goes to Daniel Gallego, with his work El callejón. And if you want to be the next winner, you just have to give your work to your Spanish teacher, and have good luck! (By Lourdes Fuentes Domínguez, 3ºB)


Silvia ~ Hali said...

Oh-my-god. That's my photo! (L)

Congratulations to David, Lourdes and Daniel (and also to myself xD)

I can't wait to read your works!

Marcos said...

It´s a very interested programme and fantastic because I learn things about of the high school.

Marcos said...

It´s very interested and it´s fantastic because I learn things about the high school.

Manu said...

Exactly, Marcos, it´s a very useful tool to know about things that happen in the high school, especially the 3ºB ones.
Congratulations to the winners of the contest!!!