Friday, 13 March 2009

Cris : Hi Bea!!
Bea : Hello Cristi!!
C : What´s up?
B : Nothing , and you?
C : I´ve just met David Villa this weekend...
B : Whoa! I´ve just met Zac Efron yesterday.
C : So what? I´ve just appeared in a film... "Pirates of the Caribbean" with Orlando Bloom...
B : But I´ve just appeared in "Lunnis"...
C : Congratulations!! Whould you like a pin??
B : Are you did swim every Atlantic´s Ocean? No, really??
C : No , but I´ve just done snow in "Everest" and I´ve just won an Oscar.
B : So what?? I´ve just been "Miss Universe".
C : What?I´ve just bought an island.
B : Yes...yes...I´ve just married with David Henrie...
C : What? I´ve just married with him!!!
B : Oh , oh! I must speak with him for that...
C : Whould you like kill him with me??
B : Of course!!
C : All right!
B : Come on!!!

By : Cristina González and Beatriz Jiménez 3ºB

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