Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands. The city is located between the bay of IJ an the shore of the river Amstel. It was founded like a fishing village, but now is the city more big in the country. It has a population of 750.000 inhabitans.

2:Things to see.
In Amsterdam are a lot of museums of internacional fame, like the Rijksmuseum, the modern art museum, Stedelijk museum and the museum Het Rembrandthuis that was the house and the workshop of Rembrandt, the Van Gogh museum thatr has the most collection of pictures of Van Gogh...

3:Things to do.
In Amsterdam you can go to much of the coffee shops or in Amsterdam is enormous the quantity of bicicles, is the world centre of the bicicles' culture; in Amsterdam are 700.000 cyclist, more of 7 of bicicles and more of the street are pedestrian or for cyclist.