Thursday, 12 March 2009

What have just done? Dialogue.

María: Hello Silvia.
Silvia: What’s up?
María: I’ve just won a motorbike in a TV contest!
Silvia: So what? I’ve just won a car, and I’ve just bought a new iPod touch.
María: So what? I’ve just bought a new iPhone! In Egypt – I’ve just been in Egypt.
Silvia. Oh, I’ve just been in Los Angeles! Could you believe it? I’ve just met Zac Efron!
María: So what? I’ve just met Cristiano Ronaldo! And, that’s more… I’ve just been in his home!
Silvia: Oh! Cristiano! He's just invited me to go to his home in holiday!
María: Oh lucky girl!
Silvia: Goodbye!
María: See you.

María Alcaraz and Silvia San Segundo - 3ºESOB

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