Thursday, 12 March 2009

Let's show off!

Lourdes: Hello Ana!
Ana: What's up?
Lourdes: Well, I've just bought a quite expensive car.
Ana: So what? I've just bought a boat!
Lourdes: I don't mind. I have just visited Chicago.
Ana: So what? I've just visited the Maldivas. Believe it or not, I've just seen Orlando Blooom.
Lourdes: Do you think you're cool? I've just been having dinner with Brad Pitt.
Ana: So what? I've just won the lottery!
Lourdes: Me too! And moreover, I've won a prize.
Ana: But I've just bought a piece of the Moon with the money!
Lourdes: OK! But all my familiy have just visited Mars!
Ana: So what? Mars is mine!
Lourdes: I don't mind. I'm not a lier like you.
Ana: So goodbye! I don't wanna see you again!


Silvia S. said...

Just lovely (L)

(And, I prefer Orlando Bloom than Brad Pitt! XD)

Alicia said...

I think you have done a really good work!!!
Ana, is Mars really your? What an amazing thing!!

Alicia said...
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