Thursday, 12 March 2009


A:What´s up?
B:I´m fantastic because I´ve just met Cristiano Ronald and yesterday I met Zac Efron. They are fantastic.
A:So what? I met Fernando Torres.
B:Well, I don´t mind because I don´t like him.
A:Ok. Well,My parents have just bought a new car and it´s perfect
B:Well, my parents have just bought a new house and it has got ten bedrooms and I love living in the house.
A:I am going to London in this summer because my brother has just bought a new enormous house.
B:So what? I,ve just won a very important prize and I´ve just won a lot of money.
A:Well, bye. I am going to appear on TV.
B:Bye. I have just appeared on a movie with Penélope Cruz.

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Silvia ~ Hali said...

Little Aitana, you wrote "going to" all together (as goingto) and it's not together.

check it!