Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Butarque News 7

Welcome to the seventh program of our weekly series. Today we are going to hear of an end-of-year school trip and about a photography contest. But first,

Fourth of ESO end-of-year trip.
Next 27 March the students of 4 ESO will go on their school trip to Barcelona. Their first visit will be going around the city. The following day they are going to visit El Modernismo, la Sagrada Familia, el Parque Güell and other things. The day 29 they will go to las Ramblas and el barrio Gótico, la Plaza de Cataluña, la Catedral, etc and the third day, wich is the most exciting day, they will all go to Port Aventura. To end up, the 31st they are going to visit the Nacional Museums of Cataluña. The first of April they will come back to Madrid at about midday. It will be an exhausting trip, but we hope they enjoy it a lot (by Andrea Zarza).

Photography Contest.
The objective of this contest is the presence of mathematics in the pictures wich are around as. All secondary students will be able to participate. The topic will be free but related to mathematics: geometry, stadistics, etc. It will be showed series and different photographs about the same contents. Other year this course was taken in Faunia and Aranjuez but this year the photos will be taken in the zoo. The prize will be for the first photograps with its title, for the best digital or analogical photos and for the group of 6 or 8 of the same series (by Iria Calvo).

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