Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Butarque News 8

Welcome to the eighth issue of our weekly program. Today we will talk about Father's Day Bank Holiday, a trip to the mountain and Measure by Measure. But first,

Father's Day's Bank Holiday.

The Bank Holiday starts on 19 of March, Father's Day, and it lasts four days: Thursday 19, Friday 20, Saturday 21 and Sunday 22. All students of the IES Butarque are waiting impatiently for Wednesday to arrive because it is the last day of class this week. After this bank holiday there will be less time to reach the Easter vacation and end final tests. Now, the weather is good and that will help us to enjoy the best possible this holiday. Hardly anyone knows what to give as a present to their father, because it must be something wonderful and beautiful to look at when parents remember their children. We should always show the love we feel for them because any day could be the last of our lives. Happy Father's Day, Dad! Because Life can be wonderful, said the man of "Tikitaka". (Beatriz Jiménez García, 3ºB)

Trip to the mountain.

The trip so long expected. The next 26 of March the 3º ESO groups will go to the mountain. They will leave the school and take the bus at about half past eight and return about five p.m. with teachers of Biology and Physical Education, Isabel and Quique. When they reach about half the route, they will stop to eat (depending on schedule).
They shouldn't lose hope nor fall into the river as in previous years. Cross your fingers so they do not undergo any misfortune and that all is well. Let's hope they arrive safely to their homes. We hope that the trip is short and that everyone will go well and take advantage of one of the few trips available. (Cristina González Calvo, 3ºB)

To the theatre.

Next Wednesday 1st of April, the courses 1st Bachillerato and 3rd ESO will go to see a literary work of Shakespeare. Measure by Measure is the name of the play. The theatre is in 42 Fernández de los Ríos Street, and the price of the ticket is thirteen euros. Students will go by train (Zarzaquemada). The Literature teacher, Irene, will accompany them on their journey at seven o'clock p.m. (María Alcaraz Mascareñas, 3ºB)


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