Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Alicia Keys is a R&B singer, a composer and a piano player. She was born in 1981, in New York and since 2001, she´s quite famous. Nowadays, she lives in USA with her boyfriend, but she has to move all over the world to do her concerts. She has done some CDs, such as Songs in A minor, or, The diary of Alicia Keys, but she besides she has composed some duets with other artists. This last year, she has published her third album called As I am, and its single, No one, is listened as a hit on the radio. I really like her, and in 2008 she came to Madrid to show us her last work.

Hector Egido Jiménez 3ºB


Silvia ~ Hali said...

what about the pic?

Alicia's music is very ... slowly? well, i like it a lot ^^ she has got a great voice and so much talent. More than I never could have!

Silvia G. said...

I love Alicia, I think she is a great composer and has a good voice.It´s fantastic!

Silvia G. said...
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