Thursday, 12 March 2009

A hilarious dialogue

Alejandra: Hi Silvia, what's up?
Silvia: Hello, Alejandra!
Alejandra: You know, I've just been to China.
Silvia: Really? I've just been to Australia and I saw some kangaroos.
Alejandra: Oh, that's amazing! But I've been to Kenya and I saw many lions.
Silvia: So what? My father is a pilot and I can travel where I want.
Alejandra: It's good, but, my father is an astronaut and he's been to the Moon.
Silvia: And my mother is a scientist and she's planning to travel to the centre of the Earth.
Alejandra: And my mother is Bruce Springsteen's mannager.
Silvia: What? And have you ever met him?
Alejandra: Yes, of course.

By: Alejandra Girón and Silvia García

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