Thursday, 18 June 2009


Once upon a time there was a prince who was riding his speed and he wanted to find a princess, but this princess lived in a castle where we don´t know where it was. This castle had a very, very, very high tower where the princess was locked. In this tower an old wise man lived too and he gave advices to the princess. The princess thought that the old wise man was a good person, but he wasn´t. He had a dragon and when the princes wanted to get married whit the princess, the dragon burned them because the old wise man was in love with the princess. The prince knew this, so he went to speak with a witch and he told her that he wanted to marry ths princess Towerita. The prince promise the witch that if she did the work well, he will give her a big treasure. The witch accepted the contrat but with one condition: " If you want to get married with Towerita, you have to rescue her, but I will give you this flying carpet because there is an old wise man who is in love with Towerita and he has a dragon". The prince flew in his new carpet and arrived at the tower and he met Towerita. He fell in love thinking: "ohh she is beautiful" and Towerita thought: "ohh he is the prince of my dreams". They promise love forever, but a thunderstorm appeared and the prince fell of the carpet. While he was falling an enormous huracane came and he started to fly round and round. Then he appeared in an enormous forest. He didn´t know where he was, he hadn´t the carpet now. Two hours later, an eagle appeared and took him because he wanted to help the prince. The prince was now at the top of the tower with Towerita and they kissed, then someone knocked at the door, it was totalus, the old wise man, and the prince hide under the bed. Totalus had a wolf with him, and he said vera sad: "I´m sorry, Towerita, but your prince is now a wolf". And the prince suddenly appeared and said: "That can´t be true, you´re a lier!". They started to fight. Totalus was a black wizard, and he throw a spell to the prince, but he put the sword between the spell and him and the spell bounced, and Totalus turned into a toad. The prince said to Towerita:" I love you, do you want to marry me?" Towerita answered:" Yes, I love Sebastian, and we can go to live to a house in the woods near the lake!". The prince and the princess became the king and the queen of The Dragon Land and they lived happily ever after.

The eagle and the princess

Once upon a time an old man was always thinking about looking for a treasure.By the time, in the town there was a beautiful princess who was always thinking of having a prince for her own. So she ordered to find the richest man in the kingdom by sending a servant in a carriage. Morticia, a witch thought about the best idea to lie the princess, so she looked for the prince of a nearby kingdom and she turned him into an eagle. The eagle tried to go to the princess kingdom in order to marry her, but he couldn't speak because he was an animal so he decided to stay in the window of the princess to look after her. When the princess woke up inside her castle she realised the eagle was the prince, and he needed the ring of the island treasure to turn him into a prince again. But Morticia had sent a wolf to kill the eagle. However, the wolf stopped in the forest. By the time the old man was going out of the forest but what he didn't know was that the wolf was there too. Morticia caught the eagle and the old man, who was called Asujaín, and she locked them in the tower. Unfortunately there was a horrible thunderstorm and the princess couldn't rescue them because she was in a lost house in the wooods and she couldn't go out due to the storm. She, who was called Willemina, found out that the frog of the house, was a magic one and it had a flying carpet to scape, and flying, she could go to the island to take the magic ring that could turn the eagle into her prince. The tower was supervised by a dragon, so the prince Bartolomeus and Asujaín decided to attack the dragon. While Bartalomeus flew around the dragon, Asujaín took the sword of the prince, and he killed the dragon, so they both could scape. On the other hand, The princess was already in the island looking for the treasure, and she finally found the ring. She gave her crown to the frog and she could give the ring to Bartolomeus. They realised that Asujaín was Bartolomeus father, who had disappeared a lot of years ago, and Willemina and Bartolomeus married happily.

But on the other part of the kingdom, the darkest one, Morticia continued laughing.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

The Butarque News 16

This is the last number of The Butarque News! We hope you all had enjoyed all our numbers and articles but now… it’s summer time!!

The last exams!

We’re ending the last term of the course. Our exams are up to end but we still have five exams: Grammar, Music, Geography, Mathematics and Physics and Chemistry.
We’re very nervous because they’re difficult but we hope we’ll pass all the exams… and if we don’t pass the exams, we must go to September! I wish nobody will repeat the course.

António Sánchez

Summer plans are next year plans!

Summer is here and we want to enjoy it! The beginning of the sunny days, the opening of the swimming pools, the beach… A world of possibilities to have fun every day!

The end of the year is always exciting but now more. We must choose the optional subjects for 4th year and it’s not easy! There are five options: French, Clasical Culture, Maths Ampliation, Physics and Chemistry Ampliation and Biology Ampliation.

The ampliations are for expand our knowledges about the different topics included in the subject. French is to learn this beautiful language as second language, opposite of English and Clasical Culture is to study the ancient Greece and Rome, latin, greek…

If you want to know more, ask to the Department’s Head of the subject.

You must choose also between sciences or letters! There are three specializations: A for sciencies with biology, P&C, and then you could choose Technology or Informatic; B for letters, with music, latin and informatic; and C, with Technology, Informatic and drawing.

Did you choose yet the optional subject of 4º ESO? And the itinerary?

Silvia San Segundo

The last class days
The home stretch of the year is here! We've got one day of activities and another one to say goodbye to the high school.
This is the calendar of June:

  • On the 22nd: party of end of course .This day 3rd º B goes to the swimming pool
  • On The 23rd: delivery of activities for the summer
  • On The 25th: delivery of notes
  • On The 29th: day of claims
  • Of the 1 to 3: delivery of matriculations, in the institute.

The rest of the pupils were registering in September (September 4-7)

Mónica Palomares

Have a nice summer!

Monday, 8 June 2009

The Butarque News 15

Welcome to the 15th issue of The Butarque News! Today we will hear about some interesting things, such as our last trip of the year, the last parties we're going to have there, and finally about our two best basketball players.

The swimming pool.

The next 22nd of June, we are going on a trip to the swimming pool in Carrascal. We will leave our highschool at 9:00 am, and we'll come back at 2:00 pm more or less.
I think we'll do some activities with other students from different highschools, and we will be supervised by teachers, rescuers and monitors. We wanted to go the amusement park, but we couldn't and, fortunately, we have had the chance to go to the swimming pool. Anyway, I think we'll have a good time together, and one of the reasons will be
because we will finish highschool very soon! (By: Lourdes Fuentes Domínguez, 3ºB )


The 22nd of June, the students of Butarque High School are going to have a little party, because they want to celebrate the end of the year. We will dance, play football and other sports, and see different dancing styles. Finally we hope to have a nice day! (By: Ana Escribano López, 3ºB)

Basketball match

Last Thursday, two of our classmates, Roberto Villegas and Antonio Sánchez, went to play basketball with other people from our higschool and others to Pablo Neruda Higschool. Before going there, we celebrated a pre-selection match in which the best teams that had been good at the P.E. campaign "Ponle un tapón al botellón", would be rewarded with tickets to see a basketball match, and with playing this game with other people from other higschools in Leganés. Unfortunately, our mates didn't win, but they came very proud of their work at 12:45 p.m., when we were having our always interesting, stimulating, fascinating English class. (By: Héctor Egido Jiménez 3ºB )