Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Butarque News 5

Welcome to our weekly program. Today we are going to talk about a visit to the Prado Museum, the Muvies, the Butarque Basketball Championship and Antonio Sánchez. But first,

The Prado Museum.
Last 18th of February, the students of Classic Culture of 3º ESO went with the students of 4º ESO of Latin to the Prado Museum. We were accompanied in the visit by the teacher Juan of Latin and María Jesús of Art. When we got there, we took a free time and we had a walk for the surroundings of the museum. Then, at a quarter to twelve, we entered the museum and saw sculptures and paintings of mythology. We saw pictures of Goya, of Velázquez, of Rubens... Finally, after we had finished the visit, we went back to our school by coach. (By David).

The Muvies.
It was a trip to Muvies, that is, a sample of videos made at school. The authors were invited to watch the videos made at different schools. Most of the students studying French were the authors and they would like to thank the students from different courses for their collaboration. (By Jose Andrés).

Butarque Basketball Championship.
Our school conducted a Butarque Basketball Championship, which will be in classes throughout the school, where the three best basketball players in each class will play against other three. Matches will be played at half track until they reach ten points, the first team to reach ten points win. The winning school team will receive prizes, as happened previously when the competitions were free kick, triple, three to three and skills. I remember that we were visited by Romay. This project is organized by the Fundación Sociocultural Basketball, from Spanish Basketball Federation. The date is not yet fixed. (By Juanma).

Antonio Sánchez.
As was announced last week, student Antonio Sánchez from 3ºB suffered a knee injury playing football. He will be away for three weeks, after which he hopes to return to school. He had intended to return on February 23rd but he couldn't. (By Roberto).

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Butarque News 4

Welcome to the fourth issue of our secondary school weekly. Today we will hear of an accident at Butarque, defending public school and school trips. But first,

Accident in Butarque.
Last Tuesday, at Butarque school a fellow student from 3ºB suffered an accident while playing basketball. Antonio suffered an accident and one of the teachers went to call for an ambulance to take the boy to hospital. Finally, the ambulance arrived and took the kid away. Here, we hope our fellow is well and better soon.

By: Eduu' Orozco 3ºB

Defending public education.
We ask for an inmediate withdrawal of all the Bologna plans and privatization measures. A decent job when finishing our studies. Not even a workers' euro for the bankers Let the crisis be paid by their leaders: the capitalists. All to the fight. General strike on March 4th.

By: Andrea Bejarano.

School Trips.
Last Tuesday some students of Butarque Secondary School have attended a trip to Guadarrama Mountains to learn to ski. A short course of two hours in which to lead students through the snow to learn how to manage this very practiced sport in places where it snows much: skiing. Other students went in another trip to the Prado Museum, accompanied by several teachers to admire some of the great works of painting, very well known at the time of our ancestors.

By: Alejandra Girón.

Monday, 16 February 2009

The Butarque News 3

Out-of-school activities... Coming soon!!
Last twelfth of February, we spoke to the representative of the pupils of IES Butarque about the interesting things that soon were going to happen at our school. He told us that he spoke to the people of the town hall

Saturday, 14 February 2009

National Lottery

Here you have this voluntary activity. If you want to answer a few questions about this feature from a BBC radio program, send me an e-mail and I'll answer you with the set of questions. Greetings.

Is learning English important?

In my opinion I think that learning English is nowadays one of the most important things for travelling all over the world, although some people feel it isn't necesary.

Firstly, I personally think English is useful for finding a job or for talking to other people you work with and understand them. Besides, if you know English you can travel and speak to someone in another country because this language is very important.

Secondly, it's necesary, or, at least, it will be useful in the future for meeting new people and for moving to a foreign place to find, for example, a pub or a restaurant.

In conclusion, English is the most important language at this times. However, here in Spain we are very lucky due to speaking Spanish, that is one of the most spoken too.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Is reading important?

There are some people who think that reading is boring and that it isn’t important but in my opinion it’s very important.

Firstly, it takes you to a complete different world and you can be there watching what are the characters of the story doing.

Secondly, scientifics have proved that reading is good for the brain because it activates a lot of parts of it. And also if it’s a text to be informed such as a news paper or a medicine magazine, it will help you to be more intelligent.

In conclusion, I think we should read to have fun and to be informated.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Do teenagers read as a hobbie?

There are so many different answer to this question. In my opinion, the correct answer is "Yes, they do". But, in this masochistic society, people only see what they want. There are a lot of reader-teenagers, in fact.

Firstly, bookshops are plenty of books specially dedicated from 12 to 18, of to many thematics: fantasy, love, horror, magic...

Secondly, teenagers have got too much time to spend in their hobbies, and, for a very big percent of world's teen population, read is one of their.

Thirdly... Only go to the cinema and see! Adaptations of teenagers books breaks the theatre every year: Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and the newest Twilight. They break records of best-sellers and of "most viewed"! And all were books. Specially for teenagers.

In conclusion, teenagers read what they want when they want. So, "yes, they do" and "yes, I do".

Silvia San Segundo, 3ºB.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Is Internet important?

Some people think the Internet are only use to have a good time but in my opinion it isn't so.
Firstly, the Internet is now one of the most important mass media of the world. You can chat with your friends or you can find information of the most important newspapers of your country and of the world.
Secondly, you can go shopping while you are in your house in front of your computer. This can be very strange but many people use it for example to buy a plane's ticket because they save money.
In conclusion, Internet is important and you can do many things in it.


Some people think design in the clothes is very important in the fashion world but, in my opinion, it isn't.
Firstly, atratives designs can be too expensive, but a simples designs aren't expensive.
Secondly, I like wearing practical clothes, and these can be original too.
In conclusion, we can choose our clothes and, of course, the design.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Are video games important?

A lot of people think video games are the one of the most important think in the world, but I don´t think the same at all.Fristly, if you spend all the time in front of the computer your eyes will be damaged.Secondly, I use the internet for a lot of things, but you mustn´t forget your friends because you stay all the time to play it.In conclusion, I think we can play video games but no all the time. And I prefer go out with my friends before playing video games.

Is TV important ??

Some people think TV isn´t very important but I think it is.

Firstly, some people think TV is funny and I think the same sometimes but other people don´t think this and also you can learn a lot of things.

Secondly, some people work in TV and if there isn´t TV some people won´t have work and they need work for eat or support their families.

In conclusion, I think each other can think other thing but I think it is important and we need this thing for having fun.






Are high marks so important?

Some students think the high school is the most important thing in the world, and they usually think that if you fail something, you're nothing in life, but, in my opinion, it isn't so relevant.

Firstly, high marks just help you in the life, but they don't decide if you're a good person or not, and from my point of view, that's the most important thing.

Secondly, not everybody can have high marks. Maybe you've studied a lot, and then, you take the exam and you fail. Some teachers think that pupils who get low marks aren't intelligent, and anorher ones just think that they haven't studied enough.

In conclusion, I think we should take care about our studies and our knowledge, not if our marks are perfect or not.

Is the Internet Important?

Is the Internet is important?
In my opinion it is very important. Firstly, because it is one of the tools used by students; secondly, because it is a form of expression, to make friends and chat with your friends. In conclusion, in these days we can not live without the internet.

Monday, 2 February 2009

The Butarque News 2

Welcome to the second issue of our secondary school weekly. Today, we will hear of a chat with Andrés Amorós; our school trip to the snow, cancelled; and plans for a trip to La Granja. But first,

A chat with Andrés Amorós

The last 25th of January, we attended a wonderful chat with Professor Emeritus Andrés Amorós. He was an important Professor from University “Complutense” of Madrid. He also used to be a teacher of Spanish and Literature at a secondary school when he was young. He has also written more than one hundred books.
He came to our school to tell us more about Renaissance – specially poetry and prose. He started to talk about Renaissance movement: the idea of the perfection, Platonism, the fight against the illiteracy, the man as the centre of universe… It was very interesting!
Then, he continued to read some fragments of poetry by Garcilaso de la Vega, an important poet from XVI century. He explained the style, the rhyme and the special characteristics of some poems.
He also spoke a bit about Baroque versus Renaissance.
We are a bit young to understand all the explanations, but our Spanish teacher did her best to let us follow the lecture. Professor Amorós was quite funny and not distant at all. We didn’t do anything anything else but taking notes in all the hour!

Silvia San Segundo - 3ºB

Our school trip, cancelled.

The last 27th of January we were to make a school trip called “Madrid blanca”. In this school trip we would go to the snow to learn to ski and it would take place between 7:45 and 17:30 . There were only fifty seats and we had to draw lots to select the people, but in the end there were only forty-five appliants so the raffle was not celebrated. The students who are to attend the school trip are from every class and every age. It will be so fun!
When the day arrived, the school trip was cancelled because the ski resort was closed because of the bad weather.
It will take place in February 27th. I hope the resort will be open that day.

Mónica Palomares - 3ºB

We’re planning a school trip!

Our teacher Belén Dorao wants to go with all the class to the royal palace of “La Granja de San Ildefonso”, a beautiful XVIII century building in Segovia.
We’re planning funny activities, and also two contests: a tale contest, with pieces written by the pupils, and other photography one, both with money prizes.
We are also interested in visiting the crystal fabric near the palace. Our Technology teacher told us about it a few days ago. We want to go in the middle of March, when exams end.

Antonio Sánchez - 3ºB