Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Butarque News 4

Welcome to the fourth issue of our secondary school weekly. Today we will hear of an accident at Butarque, defending public school and school trips. But first,

Accident in Butarque.
Last Tuesday, at Butarque school a fellow student from 3ºB suffered an accident while playing basketball. Antonio suffered an accident and one of the teachers went to call for an ambulance to take the boy to hospital. Finally, the ambulance arrived and took the kid away. Here, we hope our fellow is well and better soon.

By: Eduu' Orozco 3ºB

Defending public education.
We ask for an inmediate withdrawal of all the Bologna plans and privatization measures. A decent job when finishing our studies. Not even a workers' euro for the bankers Let the crisis be paid by their leaders: the capitalists. All to the fight. General strike on March 4th.

By: Andrea Bejarano.

School Trips.
Last Tuesday some students of Butarque Secondary School have attended a trip to Guadarrama Mountains to learn to ski. A short course of two hours in which to lead students through the snow to learn how to manage this very practiced sport in places where it snows much: skiing. Other students went in another trip to the Prado Museum, accompanied by several teachers to admire some of the great works of painting, very well known at the time of our ancestors.

By: Alejandra Girón.

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Silvia S. said...

News about Antonio: he is in his house. Her mom asked us about send to him the homework.

Great post, Ale, Eduu & Andreea = ) Specially yours, Andrea, public education rocks!