Monday, 2 February 2009

The Butarque News 2

Welcome to the second issue of our secondary school weekly. Today, we will hear of a chat with Andrés Amorós; our school trip to the snow, cancelled; and plans for a trip to La Granja. But first,

A chat with Andrés Amorós

The last 25th of January, we attended a wonderful chat with Professor Emeritus Andrés Amorós. He was an important Professor from University “Complutense” of Madrid. He also used to be a teacher of Spanish and Literature at a secondary school when he was young. He has also written more than one hundred books.
He came to our school to tell us more about Renaissance – specially poetry and prose. He started to talk about Renaissance movement: the idea of the perfection, Platonism, the fight against the illiteracy, the man as the centre of universe… It was very interesting!
Then, he continued to read some fragments of poetry by Garcilaso de la Vega, an important poet from XVI century. He explained the style, the rhyme and the special characteristics of some poems.
He also spoke a bit about Baroque versus Renaissance.
We are a bit young to understand all the explanations, but our Spanish teacher did her best to let us follow the lecture. Professor Amorós was quite funny and not distant at all. We didn’t do anything anything else but taking notes in all the hour!

Silvia San Segundo - 3ºB

Our school trip, cancelled.

The last 27th of January we were to make a school trip called “Madrid blanca”. In this school trip we would go to the snow to learn to ski and it would take place between 7:45 and 17:30 . There were only fifty seats and we had to draw lots to select the people, but in the end there were only forty-five appliants so the raffle was not celebrated. The students who are to attend the school trip are from every class and every age. It will be so fun!
When the day arrived, the school trip was cancelled because the ski resort was closed because of the bad weather.
It will take place in February 27th. I hope the resort will be open that day.

Mónica Palomares - 3ºB

We’re planning a school trip!

Our teacher Belén Dorao wants to go with all the class to the royal palace of “La Granja de San Ildefonso”, a beautiful XVIII century building in Segovia.
We’re planning funny activities, and also two contests: a tale contest, with pieces written by the pupils, and other photography one, both with money prizes.
We are also interested in visiting the crystal fabric near the palace. Our Technology teacher told us about it a few days ago. We want to go in the middle of March, when exams end.

Antonio Sánchez - 3ºB


Manu said...

Well done!
These news are very interesting, but there is a mistake in them:
Mónica, the day of the trip is not the 27th of February, it's the 17th.
Correct it, please!!

Silvia S. said...

Hi Manu -

It was a little fail of tipping made by me XD sorry! I'm up to correct it asap = )