Saturday, 14 February 2009

Is learning English important?

In my opinion I think that learning English is nowadays one of the most important things for travelling all over the world, although some people feel it isn't necesary.

Firstly, I personally think English is useful for finding a job or for talking to other people you work with and understand them. Besides, if you know English you can travel and speak to someone in another country because this language is very important.

Secondly, it's necesary, or, at least, it will be useful in the future for meeting new people and for moving to a foreign place to find, for example, a pub or a restaurant.

In conclusion, English is the most important language at this times. However, here in Spain we are very lucky due to speaking Spanish, that is one of the most spoken too.


Rosa said...

Yes I think that learning english is important because you need this language to talk to others people to others countries.

lidya tabero said...

I think that also because I need the languages to travel and I want to live abroad ^_^

Silvia S. said...

I agree with you, Héctor, english is very useful to meet people, and to understand people... Sometimes speak with people from USA or England is very hard because -as us, in Spain- they cut words in a very strange form!

Silvia S. said...
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