Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Is TV important ??

Some people think TV isn´t very important but I think it is.

Firstly, some people think TV is funny and I think the same sometimes but other people don´t think this and also you can learn a lot of things.

Secondly, some people work in TV and if there isn´t TV some people won´t have work and they need work for eat or support their families.

In conclusion, I think each other can think other thing but I think it is important and we need this thing for having fun.


tech said...

Aitana, I guess you spend too much time watching TV!!!!!

Silvia S. said...

Not - she spends so much time in front of PC! x)

_Aitana_ said...
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_Aitana_ said...

silvia has reason.....but when I have free time xD