Tuesday, 24 February 2009

The Butarque News 5

Welcome to our weekly program. Today we are going to talk about a visit to the Prado Museum, the Muvies, the Butarque Basketball Championship and Antonio Sánchez. But first,

The Prado Museum.
Last 18th of February, the students of Classic Culture of 3º ESO went with the students of 4º ESO of Latin to the Prado Museum. We were accompanied in the visit by the teacher Juan of Latin and María Jesús of Art. When we got there, we took a free time and we had a walk for the surroundings of the museum. Then, at a quarter to twelve, we entered the museum and saw sculptures and paintings of mythology. We saw pictures of Goya, of Velázquez, of Rubens... Finally, after we had finished the visit, we went back to our school by coach. (By David).

The Muvies.
It was a trip to Muvies, that is, a sample of videos made at school. The authors were invited to watch the videos made at different schools. Most of the students studying French were the authors and they would like to thank the students from different courses for their collaboration. (By Jose Andrés).

Butarque Basketball Championship.
Our school conducted a Butarque Basketball Championship, which will be in classes throughout the school, where the three best basketball players in each class will play against other three. Matches will be played at half track until they reach ten points, the first team to reach ten points win. The winning school team will receive prizes, as happened previously when the competitions were free kick, triple, three to three and skills. I remember that we were visited by Romay. This project is organized by the Fundación Sociocultural Basketball, from Spanish Basketball Federation. The date is not yet fixed. (By Juanma).

Antonio Sánchez.
As was announced last week, student Antonio Sánchez from 3ºB suffered a knee injury playing football. He will be away for three weeks, after which he hopes to return to school. He had intended to return on February 23rd but he couldn't. (By Roberto).

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