Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Washington DC

Washington DC (Washington District Columbia) is the capital of the United State of America.The city is located in the bank of the river Potomac and is surrond by the state of Virginia and Maryland.
More or less the population of Washington DC is about 607000 habitant.


In Washington DC are a lot of interesting monument like Whitehouse,The Capitol,the monument to Washington that is a big obelisk made of marble her high is about 170 metres,and the monument to Linconl that is a big statue of Abraham Linconl made of marble.
The more importants museums of Washington are:
The nacional museum of air and space
The nacional museum of the history of United State.

nd espace. THINGS TO DO:

You can practise rugby the more important team is the Washington slayers,you can practise bascketball the more important team is the Washington wizard,you can practise football the more important team is the DC United,you can practise tennis one of the 4 more important tournament of tennis is located in Washington DC and called US open series.

If you want you can go to the Ancostia Park,and another important thing to do is that Theodore Roosevelt have a isle in his honor.

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