Wednesday, 5 May 2010


Brasilia is the capital of , the city is located in the Central-West region of the country, it has a population of 2.455.903 inhabitants. The construction of the city began in 1956 and in 1960 officially became the capital of Brazil . In 1987 Unesco declared the city Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Things to see:

We can see the Brasilia Art Museum which has an exhibition devoted to art, and the Museum of Central Bank Securites. In the northern sector is the main theater of the city, which is shaped like a pyramid and you can also visit some palaces like the Palace of the Alvorada and the Palace of the Planalto or some cathedrals like the Cathedral of Brasilia.

Things to do:

You can do a lot of things like play some sports like the football, wakeboard and windsurfing. And you can also go to parties and to large festivals celebrating to the Catholic Saints in July who are called juninas festas.

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