Sunday, 21 March 2010

Twist and Shout

It is a song of The Beatles recorded for the album Please Please Me.With John Lennon in the principal voice and produced by George Martin. John have a cold he was drinking milk and sucking on cough drops to soothe his throat, so you can hear him coughing while they were recording the song.
George Martin said: “I did try a second take ... but John's voice had gone.”
The Beatles' cover was released on 2 March 1964 in the U.S as a single, with "There's a Place" as its B-side.
In the UK, "Twist and Shout" was 100released on an EP with three other tracks from the Please Please Me album. In Canada, it became the title to the second album of Beatles.
The Beatles continued to play the song live until the end of their August 1965 tour of North America. They had recorded "Twist and Shout" on nine occasions for BBC television and radio broadcasts, the earliest of which was for the Talent Spot radio show on 27 November 1962.I like too much the effor that John did the first time they recorded this song,because even having a cold he sing the best he can. I like this song too much.

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