Sunday, 21 March 2010


The Beatles song ''Bad Boy'' was written by Larry Williams in 1959.
They realeased them in the 14 of June of 1965 but the date of their recorded was in the 10 of May of 1965 in the Abbey Road Show in London (England). Along with ''Dizzy Miss Lizzy'', ''Bad Boy'' was recorded the 10 of May (The date of Larry Williams birthday).
Bad Boy was first realeased on Beatles VI in the 14 of June of 1965.
In this song Jhon Lennon play the guitar and singer, Paul McCartney on bass, George Harrison on double-tracked lead guitar and Ringo Starr on drums and tambourine.

When I heard the title of this song I think It can be very good and I decided to hear them.
This is one of my favourites Beatles song with other of Jhon Lennon. I think this song was singer in memory of Larry Williams in the 10 of May of 1965, because this day was his birthday. I like the double-tracked lead guitar of George Harrison and the drums and tambourine of Ringo Starr in this song, I like very much.

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