Sunday, 21 March 2010

Your mother should know

Your mother should know is a song by the Beatles from their 1967 record Magical Mistery Tour, released in the U.S. as an LP on 27 November 1967. It was written by Paul McCartney(credited to Lennon/McCartney).

In this song Paul McCartney in vocal, backing vocal, piano and bass guitar. John Lennon in backing vocal, organ. George Harrison in backing vocal, guitar. Ringo Starr in drums and tambourine. George Martin the producer.

McCartney said that he wrote it as a production number for the movie Magical Mystery Tour, supporting a old-fashioned dance segment that starts with the Beatles coming down agrand staircase in white tuxedoes. After they descend, boy scouts, cadets and other groups march through. John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr are wearing red carnations, while McCartney's is black. The carnation difference contributed to the Paul is dead controversy.

The song was recorded in three sesions on 22 August, 16 September and 29 September of 1967. I like this song so much because I like the dance he made and it's my favorite song sing by Paul McCartney by main voice and because this song is about the Paul's dead. In this song I also like how Ringo Starr touch the drums. Heard this song is great.

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