Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Ticket to ride

The song of The Beatles, Ticket of Ride was done in 1965, to be more exacts, 9 April 1965 in the United Unido.Her albun was called Help!, which was released for sale on 6 August of the same year 1965.This composition have a total of 14 songs.
I like this song,because the letter is from a girl who can be free, choose freedom, to do and all and many people with this point you may feel identified (all world feels identified with any song by its lyrics ).
McCartney and Lennon are the authors of this letter of song. Lennon wrote it is responsible for playing the guitar and sing, Paul, makes vocals, bass and guitar, George do the voices and guitar, and finally Ringo on drums, tambourine and handclaps .
Ticket of Ride was also the soundtrack of a movie.

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