Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Eleanor Rigby

Eleanor Rigby is a song by The Beatles released simultaneously on the Revolver album and as a single double A-side. Prinicipal The song was written by Paul McCartney but credited to Lennon / McCartney. [1] With a double string quartet orchestrated by George Martin and the striking lyrics about loneliness, the song made to continue the transformation of the group, mainly in the Pop making see a band of more serious and experimental study. Rolling Stone placed it at number 137 of its list of the 500 greatest songs ever.
The song was written in John's house and the original name was "Ola Na Tungee" and the priest was called Father McCartney, until they realized that everyone would think they were talking about Paul's father, so I changed the name MacKenzie.

Paul always maintained that the name "Eleanor" I take the actress Eleanor Bron (who starred in the movie Help!) And the name "Rigby" was a grocery store located in the city of Bristol. But during the 80s, someone found a grave in the courtyard of St. Peter's church (where they met John and Paul), whose epitaph was inscribed the name "Eleanor Rigby" (dead on October 10, 1939 at age 44 years).

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