Wednesday, 17 March 2010

From me to you

John Lennon and McCartney started to write From Me to You during their tour with Helen Shapiro. They were resding the New Musical Express in the letter's section: From Me to You. McCartney realized that he had used in a lot of songs the words I and You in a way to make it personal.
The song was recorded for first time by The Beatles in the Abbey Road Studios on March 1963 and it was published on April, 11, 1963. It belongs to the album Parlophone and it was the first one in reaching the number one in Britain.
The song is about love. It is dedicated from me ( a boy ) to you ( a loved girl ). John Lennon sings and plays the guitar and the harmonica; Paul McCartney also sings but he plays the base; George Harrison plays the main guitar and sings the chorus and Ringo Starr plays the drums.
I like the song because the message is very romantic. The boy dedicates a song to a girl because he misses her and wants to hold her in his arms.
It was very well welcomed by the fans and in the concerts the screams did not stop. But you can check it by watching the video.

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