Saturday, 13 March 2010

Glass Onion

My favourite song of the Beatles is Glass Onion.

I like it because is rhythmic and I think it's a happy song and I also think that this song was played by all the Beatles.I also like it because they played some instruments that I like and also the melody is well, so I think that this song is the best of all the songs they have recorded.

This song was written in 1968 by John Lennon and appeared in the White album.It was published the 22th of november 1968.

This was the first song in the album where Ringo Starr appeared in the drums, because, before, he has to left the recording sessions for a short time and been replaced with Paul McCartney in the previous songs like "Back in the U.S.S.R." and "Dear Prudence".

The song refers to several earlier Beatles' songs, including "Strawberry Fields Forever","I am the walrus","Lady Madonna","The fool on the hill"and "Fixing a hole".There are also subtle, passing references to"Theres' a place","I am looking through you"and "Within you without you".

Well, in general this is the only song I like of the Beatles because I don't like very much.

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