Sunday, 14 March 2010

The fool on the hill

It was written by Paul Mcartney in 1967. It was included in The Magical Mistery Tour.

McCartney said of the song:

"Fool on the Hill was mine and I think I was writing about someone like Maharishi. His detractors called him a fool. Because of his giggle he wasn't taken too seriously ... I was sitting at the piano at my father's house in Liverpool hitting a D 6th chord, and I made up Fool on the Hill."

(Maharishi was a leader of the transcendental meditation movement)

I've choosen it because it is my mother's Beatle's favourite song and because I think it has beautiful lirycs.
It talks about a man who lives along in a hill, has a ridicoulos smile and everyone thinks his a fool, hi talks perfecly loud but nobody ever hears him but he never seems to notice. He never shows his feelings, he never hears them.
"But the fool on the hill, sees the sun going down and the eyes in his head, sees the world spining round ".

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