Tuesday, 16 March 2010

She loves you

''She loves you ya ya...'' is a song written by Jhon lennon And Paul McCartney and was publied on 1963 by the Beatles.

She loves you was the first theme by the Beatles.

One of the curiosites os this song is that, under the title ''Sie liebt dich'' was one of the two themes that they does in German. (The other was ''komm, gib mir deine hand''- I want to hold your hand) was edited on Germany and on The United States on 1964.

McCartney and Jhon Lennon started composing ''She loves you'' after a concert at the Majestic Ballroom in Newcastle(Hotel).

They began writing the song on the tour bus, and continued it later at nigth in their Hotel Newcastle.

Melody and Lyrics.

She Loves You avoids the use of a brigde, instead using a refrain to join the various verser.

The lyrics were largely uncoventional, again constrasting with the simplicity of ''I Want To Hold Your Hand'' Critics panned the song, dismissing the ''yeah yeah yeah'' as an uncouth slang from a fad band.

The ''yeah''s were to have a great effect on The Beatles image -- In Europe they are known as '' The yeah yeahs''.

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