Saturday, 6 March 2010



· 1/4 kg. of pumpkim

· 1 big potato

· 1 spoonful of butter

· 1l. of stock

· 3 yolks of egg

· 1/4 l. of liquid cream


1) Take out the skin and the seeds of the pumpkin and peel the potato.

2) Cut the potato and the pumpkin(you can cut it bigger or in smaller pieces).

3) Heat in a frying pan the oil and fry a little bit the potatos and the pumpkin pieces.

4) Pass this to a casserole and you must put the stock immendiatly and leave this cooking 1h.on a low heat.

5) Beat the pumpkin and the potato,put salt and heat again in a higher temperature.Then you shuold add the butter.

6) Break down the yolks with the liquid cream out of the fire,then put this mixture with the cream.


adrian sanchez condado said...

hello, i love your recipe i want to eat the recipe good job

Anonymous said...

Patri :D This recipe is not as delicious as mine but it's very good! I hope you invite me to your house to eat it with you!

Maria :)