Thursday, 4 March 2010

Chocolate con churros

Ingredients for Churros:

- One glass of flour
- One glass of water
- Salt and sugar
- Olive oil


1. You boil the water and you add the mixture of flour, salt and sugar.
2. You stir it until you have a hard pastry.
3. While you are doing this you heat abundant olive oil in a pan.
4. When it is hot enough you add the "churros". When they are browned you take them out from the pan.

Ingredients for chocolate:
- 100 grammes of black chocolate
- One big glass of milk
- Half a glass oh water
- A little bit of cinnamon

1. You grate the chocolate and you put the milk in a saucepan and add the water and the cinnamon. Leave it 5 minutes.
2. Add to the saucepan the grated chocolate and wait for 10 minutes until it is creamy.

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patricia said...

hello Maria In winter i love to eat cholate with churros :D Is a great recipe!! I would like to try with you next winter OK?

Kisses Patricia