Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Biscuit cake


-One terrine of whipped cream.

-One pack of biscuits squares.

-Chocolat powder.





1)Warm milk with cinnamon and sugar.

2)Wet the biscuits in the mix before.

3)Warm chocolat powder and whipped cream with the sugar.

4)Go put the biscuits on the bowl according to the soaking you in the mix of the beginning,and each layar of biscuits once a chocolat and a cream.

5)If you want decorated.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alejandra! Your biscuit cake is beautiful :) I want to try it.
You can prepare me one and we eat it toghether!!

Maria :D

Raquel said...

Alejandra! It´s great! You have to prepare one for me, I think it will be delicious! :)

Jennifer said...

woah!!!! It looks tasty!!! I have to prepare!! I love the chocolate!!! You recipe is very beautiful

laura barbadillo said...

Hi Alejandra! :)
I´ve loved your recipie.
It looks so yummy :P
My birthday it´s almost here...can you do it fot me?