Sunday, 21 March 2010


It is a song of The Beatles recorded for the album HELP! in the year 1965.
The author was Paul McCartney.
“Yesterday” is the song with more transmissions on the radio and all around the world.
Yesterday also has a lot of different versions of different groups, more than 3000.
Yesterday is a ballad of 2 minutes and 3 seconds, and it is the first Beatle´s song in which only one of them participates, in this case Paul McCartney with a string quarter.
The music for “Yesterday” came to Paul in a dream. He just woke up one morning with the song in his head. George Martin loved the song, but he thought that it needed something different, and because of that Paul recorded it alone, without the rest of the band.
The track was recorded at the Abbey Road Studios. Some people say that Paul recorded it by himself, without involving the rest of the ban, and other people say that the band tried different instruments, but they didn`t like them.
“Yesterday” is a beautiful sad song about lost love. I like this song because the lyrics are quiet beautiful, but the music is more beautiful than the lyrics.

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