Friday, 11 December 2009

julia butterfly hill


Julia Butterfly Hill is an environment activist. He goes up a California Redwood for 738 days to prevente this tree is not going to cutting it down. He lived in a 32-food camper with his father, mother and two younger brothers. She write a book called The Legacy Of Luna. His nickname is Butterfly because when she is six years old a butterfly landed in his hand and stay there entire time. His father travell a lot because the job and go town to town, bringing his family with he. When Julia was in the middle school his family and she settle Jonesboro Arkansas. When Hill was 22, she worked at driver for a friend and suffered a car crash.
After recuperating from his accident, she goes to California with a road trip to try to save the forest from the people to want to cut some trees. One organizes that want to cut the trees are the Pacific Lumber Co. who were clear-cutting. Hill not contributed to any enviromental organization, she deceded to act by his self undertake the act of the civil disobedience, but some she was supported by another organizations and volunteers, called Earth First.

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