Friday, 11 December 2009


He was born the third ofnovember 1933 in Shantiniketan, India. He is an economist. The people know him because of his theory of the human development, welfare economics and his theory of the mechanisms of poverty. He had recieved a noblel prize of economics in 1998. The best-known work of Sen is poverty and famines: an easy on entilements and deprivation in 1981 in which he was demostrated that hunger is not a consequence of the lack of food but in equalities in food distribution. Apart from his investigation of famines, his work in the field of economic development, has had much influence in the formulation of the human development of the united nations. His concept of the capacity was very revolutionary. He was focused in positive liberty and negative freedom. He is know a teacher in a university.

I agree with him because his theory is good for the people to know about poverty and famines.

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