Friday, 4 December 2009

francois xavier nguyen van thuan

Francois Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan was born the 17 of April of 1928, in Hué , a small city in the central region of Vietnam. It came from a family of mértires: in the 1885 all habitants of the village of its mother, had been burned alive in the parish. Only his grandfather had been saved. As well, the ancestors, on the part of his father had been victims of numerous persecutions between 1698 and 1885.

Van thuan live in an atmosphear of incondicional faith. For example her grandmother, when they do the family pray she pray the rosary for priests.Every nicht they narrated storys from the bible to him.the they his son was arested he continue praying asking that he not live the church.

He was ordered priest on th 11 of june of 1953

He go to prision several times without judge and sentence so he stay incomunicate mafter he goes out of prision

One time he goes to prision he ask the guard to do himself a chai with a cross of jesus christe

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