Saturday, 5 December 2009

Rigoberta Menchu

Rigobrta Menchu born in Uspatan guatamela on january 9 of 1959 is a leading indigenous guatamalan and human rights defender .

it has been highlighed by his leadership of the social sturgles nationality and internationaly since very little know injustices discrimination racism and explotation they are sujected to hundreds of thousend or even millions of indigenous people lived in extrame poverty in guantamela during armed his father his mother his brother and serval members of the community were killed by the army.

on febrery 12 2007 anonced that he would run for presidentin guantamela`s presidental election of 2007 his hope of being electing and being the firts woman to hould the office in your country the firts indan in latin america afters mexico`s in the general election of setember 9 2007 was 3% of the vote.

on december 20arrives in the citie of Campeche specifficaly in the town of tenabo to recibed the medal of merit because of his defense of indigenous people.

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