Thursday, 18 June 2009


Once upon a time there was a prince who was riding his speed and he wanted to find a princess, but this princess lived in a castle where we don´t know where it was. This castle had a very, very, very high tower where the princess was locked. In this tower an old wise man lived too and he gave advices to the princess. The princess thought that the old wise man was a good person, but he wasn´t. He had a dragon and when the princes wanted to get married whit the princess, the dragon burned them because the old wise man was in love with the princess. The prince knew this, so he went to speak with a witch and he told her that he wanted to marry ths princess Towerita. The prince promise the witch that if she did the work well, he will give her a big treasure. The witch accepted the contrat but with one condition: " If you want to get married with Towerita, you have to rescue her, but I will give you this flying carpet because there is an old wise man who is in love with Towerita and he has a dragon". The prince flew in his new carpet and arrived at the tower and he met Towerita. He fell in love thinking: "ohh she is beautiful" and Towerita thought: "ohh he is the prince of my dreams". They promise love forever, but a thunderstorm appeared and the prince fell of the carpet. While he was falling an enormous huracane came and he started to fly round and round. Then he appeared in an enormous forest. He didn´t know where he was, he hadn´t the carpet now. Two hours later, an eagle appeared and took him because he wanted to help the prince. The prince was now at the top of the tower with Towerita and they kissed, then someone knocked at the door, it was totalus, the old wise man, and the prince hide under the bed. Totalus had a wolf with him, and he said vera sad: "I´m sorry, Towerita, but your prince is now a wolf". And the prince suddenly appeared and said: "That can´t be true, you´re a lier!". They started to fight. Totalus was a black wizard, and he throw a spell to the prince, but he put the sword between the spell and him and the spell bounced, and Totalus turned into a toad. The prince said to Towerita:" I love you, do you want to marry me?" Towerita answered:" Yes, I love Sebastian, and we can go to live to a house in the woods near the lake!". The prince and the princess became the king and the queen of The Dragon Land and they lived happily ever after.

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