Thursday, 18 June 2009

The eagle and the princess

Once upon a time an old man was always thinking about looking for a treasure.By the time, in the town there was a beautiful princess who was always thinking of having a prince for her own. So she ordered to find the richest man in the kingdom by sending a servant in a carriage. Morticia, a witch thought about the best idea to lie the princess, so she looked for the prince of a nearby kingdom and she turned him into an eagle. The eagle tried to go to the princess kingdom in order to marry her, but he couldn't speak because he was an animal so he decided to stay in the window of the princess to look after her. When the princess woke up inside her castle she realised the eagle was the prince, and he needed the ring of the island treasure to turn him into a prince again. But Morticia had sent a wolf to kill the eagle. However, the wolf stopped in the forest. By the time the old man was going out of the forest but what he didn't know was that the wolf was there too. Morticia caught the eagle and the old man, who was called Asujaín, and she locked them in the tower. Unfortunately there was a horrible thunderstorm and the princess couldn't rescue them because she was in a lost house in the wooods and she couldn't go out due to the storm. She, who was called Willemina, found out that the frog of the house, was a magic one and it had a flying carpet to scape, and flying, she could go to the island to take the magic ring that could turn the eagle into her prince. The tower was supervised by a dragon, so the prince Bartolomeus and Asujaín decided to attack the dragon. While Bartalomeus flew around the dragon, Asujaín took the sword of the prince, and he killed the dragon, so they both could scape. On the other hand, The princess was already in the island looking for the treasure, and she finally found the ring. She gave her crown to the frog and she could give the ring to Bartolomeus. They realised that Asujaín was Bartolomeus father, who had disappeared a lot of years ago, and Willemina and Bartolomeus married happily.

But on the other part of the kingdom, the darkest one, Morticia continued laughing.

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