Monday, 8 June 2009

The Butarque News 15

Welcome to the 15th issue of The Butarque News! Today we will hear about some interesting things, such as our last trip of the year, the last parties we're going to have there, and finally about our two best basketball players.

The swimming pool.

The next 22nd of June, we are going on a trip to the swimming pool in Carrascal. We will leave our highschool at 9:00 am, and we'll come back at 2:00 pm more or less.
I think we'll do some activities with other students from different highschools, and we will be supervised by teachers, rescuers and monitors. We wanted to go the amusement park, but we couldn't and, fortunately, we have had the chance to go to the swimming pool. Anyway, I think we'll have a good time together, and one of the reasons will be
because we will finish highschool very soon! (By: Lourdes Fuentes Domínguez, 3ºB )


The 22nd of June, the students of Butarque High School are going to have a little party, because they want to celebrate the end of the year. We will dance, play football and other sports, and see different dancing styles. Finally we hope to have a nice day! (By: Ana Escribano López, 3ºB)

Basketball match

Last Thursday, two of our classmates, Roberto Villegas and Antonio Sánchez, went to play basketball with other people from our higschool and others to Pablo Neruda Higschool. Before going there, we celebrated a pre-selection match in which the best teams that had been good at the P.E. campaign "Ponle un tapón al botellón", would be rewarded with tickets to see a basketball match, and with playing this game with other people from other higschools in Leganés. Unfortunately, our mates didn't win, but they came very proud of their work at 12:45 p.m., when we were having our always interesting, stimulating, fascinating English class. (By: Héctor Egido Jiménez 3ºB )

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