Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Butarque News 13.


On May 12 there was a strike of Bachillerato supported by almost the whole school who didn't attend classes, they say that soon there will be a second strike (Óscar Moya).

Farewell to Quique.

The substitute teacher of gymnastics has gone away due to the return of Rocío.The pupils of 3ºB wrote to him a letter for him always to remember us. Quique was very grateful. He answered thanking us and giving us his msn address in case we have any doubt. (Carlos Romero)

Break Dance and funky.
In this third term there have been seven workshops. The pupils chose two of then. They have been break dance and funky. In the break dance workshop there were twenty posts on offer and nineteen candidates, but the funky workshop had more candidates than places on offer, so a draw was celebrated. Classes will take place in the small pavillion, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from four 6to six in the aftrernoon. Come and have a look. (Raúl Molina).

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