Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The Butarque News 14.

Welcome to this week issue of our news program. Today, we will hear about the girls volleyball team in Butarque, the Red Cross an the theater play What women invent. But first,
Butarque volleyball team.
The girls volleyball team managede this year to move to fourth. The game was exciting because the school Antonio Gala was the same that disqualified us last year to move to semifinals. The match was closely contested, but unfortunately the girls lost 1-2 in our school, winning only in the first set. Just before finishing, Bea got injured with a sprained muscle but fortunately it was not very serious and we hope she'll recover soon. So we will have to wait until next year. (By Andrea Z.)

The Red Cross.
On Thursday May 14th, the organization Red Cross came to inform all students about volunteering, explaining what it entails to be a volunteer, the groups with whom you can collaborate, etc. To volunteer you need to be at least 16 years old, but if you're under that age, you can take part in workshops and different activities. In Leganés they are about environment and youth. (By Raquel C.)

What women invent.
The nineteenth of May the group 3ºB was invited by a mate of the class to watch a play, What women invent, played at Rigoberta Menchú Theater. The play is about an old lady who believes in ghosts and her niece. This niece, along with the maids of the house, makes the old woman believe she is dead. The play was very good. (By Iria C.)

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