Sunday, 12 April 2009


Last summer I was in glasgow in one of the hotels in the Buchanan Street.
The first week I visited the Glasgow city. I saw many museums of this city like the Hunterian Museum and Hunterian Art Gallery,Burrel collection, where I saw pictures of painters as important as Renoirand Cezane, The Museum of the Transport. I shopped in the Princes square , it's fantastic ! ,there are many shops and bars , tea rooms and it's very big . I bought many things for my and my family.Also I was in the West End and there are incredible antique shops, places of crafts and old bookshops, things very originals. To eat I found a Spanish bar Barca Tapas Cafe Andaluz. The food was really nice it was as if you were in own Spain .
Also I visited the society of Mackintosh , and One of the things that more I liked was the stadium of the Celtic Glasgow .The stadium is impressive and the people are very nice and agreeable. And to end I visited the university of Glasgow .It's an enormous place and very curious of seeing and the boys were very gallants.
The trip was very exciting and enterteining .
I would like to return to Glasgow !.

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