Sunday, 12 April 2009

Easter in Glasgow

This Easter was the funniest Easter in all my life. My friends and I were to Glasgow, the second biggest city in Scotland and it was great!We arrived into Glasgow on Monday 6. We went to the Hunteriam Museum. Someone was yawning all the visit, but I’ve enjoyed a lot that place.We had dinner in the West End. And then, go to bed! We were very tired.

We spend all Tuesday’s morning shopping! Buchanan Street, Prince’s Square and Merchant City were great.The boys wanted to go to Celtic Park, the stadium of Celtic FC. We learnt a lot about this Glaswegian team, and we decided to visit the Ibrox Stadium, the stadium of the rival team Glasgow Rangers.

Wednesday was the day of excursions. We visited the Mackintosh Society and the Hill House.
In Thursday morning we visited the University of Glasgow, one of the oldest universities in Britain. We also were in Kelvingrove Park, a very big park next to the university.

In the afternoon we did the suitcases and went to the airport to came back home.

Silvia San Segundo - 3º B

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Anonymous said...

Glasgow is actually the biggest city in Scotland and 3rd most populous in the UK