Sunday, 12 April 2009

I was to Glasgow

This Easter holidays my friends and I have been to Glasgow. This city is fantastic, it has got all, good shopping centres, very nice buildings and a interesting science centre.

The first day we decided to walk to The West End, I really like this quartier because it has got so beautiful houses and also an important history. The next day we went to Glasgow's Tower because the day was very good (it wasn't cloudy). The best of all were the sights, almost all the city can be watched. The next days we were in some importants shopping centres like Buchanana Street and also we were in the Hunterain Museum and seeing some Mackintosh works (a Glaswegian architect and later a pinter and a designer).

In conclusion, Glasgow it's fantastic and I had a very good time.

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Ana said...

Yes imagine you and me in Glasgow. It can be fantastic