Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Butarque News 11

Literature Prizes & The International Day of the Book
Silvia San Segundo

The past March, as you must remember, we’d announce the winners of the Butarque Literary Contest. And, now, we’re inviting you to the Prize Giving.

It’s going to be celebrate on Thursday 23rd, because (I hope all you know it) it’s International Day of the Book. On April 23rd, three of the most popular and better writers (Shakespeare, Cervantes and Garcilaso) died.

So, in the morning, the Literature Department is going to proceed to give the winner their awards and then, some teachers and the winners will go to the centre of Leganés to read some fragments of “El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha”. It’s a tradition!

So if you haven’t got class and want to read it in public to celebrate International Day of the Book, come on and go to the Salvador Church and enjoy this beautiful book.

CDI Tests
Antonio Sánchez

On Thursday 21st we did the famous test of CDI (Conocimientos y Destrezas Indispensables or Essentials Knowledges and Squills). It's a test only for the Comunidad de Madrid students and it's to know how smart we are.

There are two parts: Maths and Language & Literature. A teacher of Luis Vives called Luis came to pass us the test. It wasn't difficult but not easy.

We all want to know the results but we don't know if they're going to tell it.

The school trip is going to be late
Mónica Palomares

On April 24 a few students of the institute were going to go to a contest of mathematical photography. The school trip was going to be in the zoo. Because of the bad weatherlike the school trip was cancelled and delayed. It will be on Wednesday 29th of April. I hope this day the weatherlike be good. Of this class go Silvia San Segundo , Héctor Egido and me, Mónica Palomares.

PS: this day is the final of the TV programma "Fama a bailar" and i hope you'll see it! It will be celebrated on Leganés' "Cubierta".

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