Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Venice is a city that is a set of islands located on the northwest of Italy. The set of islands is composed by 211 islands that are joined each other by 455 bridges. You can get to Venecia from land passing through a bridge which is called, The Bridge of the Liberty. It has a population of 271.000 habitants.
In the past, Venice was inhabited by the Veneto village, but when the germans started to attack some cities of Italy in the V century, most of the people took refuge in this islands. Later, Venice took power over economy and expanded through Italy, growing its population.
Venice is famous all aver the world because of the way they use the move to one place to another, which is by gondolas. This are special boats that people in Venice use to sail in the channels. Venice has 150 channels that are borned form the Gran Channel which is a large avenue where a lot of embarcations take place, and it is the most important channel because it crosses the main island of Venice.

Places ti visit in Venice:

In Venice there are a lot of interesting places that you can visit like for example:
The Ducal Palace or the St. Mark’s Basilica. You can also visit the different bridges that unit the islands, some of them are: The Academy Bridge or The Constitution Bridge.
But if you want to visit more places, you can also visit the St. Mark’s Library , The Fenice Theatre or The Gran Channel which is 3.800 m. long.

Venice's situation:
This is city formed by various islands, and because of that it has a lot of problems because it suffers a lot of floods along the year. In fact, in autum and spring there are two inundations each day in which the St. Mark’s Square floods completely. Venice is sinking 1 cm per year.

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