Friday, 5 March 2010

fruit jelly

Fruit jelly


-Fruits in syrup.
- 4 peaches.
-1 jar of cherries and another of pears.
-8 sheets of jelly.
-1 lemon.
-2 oranges.


Put to soak the jelly. In a pot, in fire, put 1 glass of fruit syrup, with lemon juice and orange juice. Adds another 4 tablespoons of sugar and warm. When began to boil, pour the drained jelly and stir until it dissolved. Wait until it cools a bit. In a mold, put the third part of this liquid and put to cools until it thickens. Place at the topthe thir part of the fruits. Cover with the third part of the liquid and put again to cools. Make this 2 more times until it finished the jelly and the fruits. Let it to cool several hours until you unmolding a source. Serve very cold and cut it into portions.

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Jesus said...

Hellow jorge mm sure that must be good i want to try it :)