Tuesday, 8 December 2009

La trece rosas

In the dawn of August 5, 1939 little after finishing the civil war, in Madrid, 13 girls 7 of them minors were shot by the repression the dictatorship of the pro-Franco army.
The name of this one 13 heroines:
Carmen Barredo, Martina Barosso, Blanca Brissac, Pilar Bueno, Julia Conera, Adelina Garcia, Elena Gil, Virtues Gonzalez, Ana Lopez, Joaquina Lopez, Dionisia Manzanero, Victoria Muñoz and Luisa Rodriguez.
His only one crime was to defend the republican legality against the military elevation of 36 and to have militado in the socialist unified yoth (JSU).
My personal opinion is that I do not agree in that they could not defend the ideas of the persons and more in those times when the women not if it wants were listened;It is possible neither to kill nor compel any person because not this one in agreement with any ideas that certain persons impose.

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